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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sweet Water Organics and Milwaukee Urban Gardens

Sweet Water Organics is an urban farm located in the Bay View neighborhood of Milwaukee that has re-purposed unused industrial building space; using aquaponics to grow fresh, safe produce and fish for local Milwaukee residents, restaurants and groceries.


A symbiotic union of aquaculture for raising aquatic animals and hydroponics for growing plants.

Milwaukee Urban Gardens 10th Year Anniversary Gala at Sweet Water Gardens
Magic Mama performing with Jahmes and Harold and a few budding rockers!

Grow Your Own Groceries

For all of you that enjoy the taste of homegrown food, Grow Your Own Groceries is a backyard gardening course that teaches urban residents how to design, plant, and care for a productive vegetable garden, plot or any space available. By growing food at home individuals and families save money on groceries, eat healthier, and avoid commercial food safety scares.

Milwaukee Urban Gardens (MUG) supports efforts of community groups wishing to start or sustain neighborhood gardens by negotiating long term lease agreements with the City of Milwaukee. MUG leads the development and preservation efforts by facilitating land acquisition, resource development, and helping groups develop local leadership and beneficial collaborations.

Magic Mama is an Eco-Edu-tainer who performs Organic Hip Hop & World Beats for all ages. Through her music, Magic Mama delivers an empowering and hope-filled message of love and respect for all and inspires creative thinking and Earth-friendly actions.
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