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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Costa Rica - Dia Uno

After a 6 hour drive to Chicago, 4 hours of waiting, 3 hours of flying, 10 hour layover in Florida, 4 hours of flying, a taxi ride to the bus station in San Jose, a 4 hour bus ride to San Isidro....(The patron saint of farming)

We arrived after dark, cracked a fresh coconut and enjoyed a delicious meal with our amigos. We camped on a school bus down by the gardens for the night and awoke to this view

The road down to the bus.... and looking back up at the bus

Crackin a coco for lunch, up at the main casa

A view from the porch at la casa

Amigos en la cocina: Alana and Jason
columpio sobre la porche - swing on the porch

Army ants on Jim's tent, "cleaning" off other insects

Baraka, our 4 year old trail guide, leading us to his favorite waterfall

Snow Foot, one of the farm rabbits - conejo

Alana jokes that this papaya tree is her "best work" - it volunteered out of the compost
Teepees for the passionflowers to climb - someday, they will produce my favorite fruit liliqoui (I don't know the spanish name)
Citrus Orchard
Off to feed the goats

A young cashew tree

The bottle wall in the community kitchen, near the vegetable gardens

A friendly cow, and Benjamin working on a plot which will host tents for the next wave of visitors
Belladonna smells delicious at night! It's an aphrodisiac and also very poisonous to the touch

Time for me to get off the bus....see you at the next stop!

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