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Friday, January 20, 2012

Epic Birthday Party!

In celebration of Magic Mama's Birthday, we piled 9 people, luggage and food into a truck and trekked about an hour through the dark on an incredibly bumpy gravel road to Costa Rica's Pacific Coast town of Uvitas - near Dominical. We stayed the night at hostel called the Flutterby House.
We awoke to the sound of monkeys and chickens

And had our first tour of the place in the daylight - there are several places to sleep: some tree houses, a couple of cabins, a few hammocks and a tent site.
Here's where Indigo and I slept:
Morning toothbrushing party
Rad mosaics in the bathrooms and showers

Cobb bottle walls too!

A map of the area shows the whale tale formation of the peninsula

My birthday breakfast of fresh papaya and pineapple in the community kitchen

Then, we walked to the beach....
and spotted two macaws along the way

The best birthday card ever:

This iguana came to the party for awhile

A jade tear to top my cairn
Sage, Jason and Blake rounded up about 17 coconuts near our hang out and cracked them open on a rock for a Birthday Bliss snack
Eventually, we went back to the Flutterby to make lunch
The monkeys came back while we were cooking

Standing in front of this tree house, I was looking at the monkey in the picture above
After lunch, we drove to another beach nearby called Las Ventanas (The Windows)

My Birthday Dream-Come-True! Gracias Amigos

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